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Cinderella In Pyjamas by Fraeraine

When it rains, it pours. For penniless and jobless Leann Alcobar, that must be true. Just when she thought her financial problems are over by winning the lottery, bad luck comes a-knockin’ at her door with a vengeange. Nawala ang ticket niya!


Until Forever by Sharon Rose

 "A tempetuous love affair that will leave you breatllessly in love from beginning to end."

Sleeping with the enemy
Mia goes to Jasmine Mountain Resort for only one reason, to secure here inheritance. But that will only happen with the help of the person she hates with all her heart, her biological mother, the owner of the resort. But she is not prepared to be greeted by a powerful force in the form of tall, dark and irresistibly gorgeous Micheal Travilla, her mother's stepson. Micheal makes it clear to her from the very start that he thinks she is in impostor out to gain access to the Travilla fortune.